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About us

About us

Amalfi water

The idea of ​​our fragrances comes from a walk along the Amalfi Coast . Inebriated by the typical scents of hot summer days, we let ourselves be inspired.

We went in search of the scent of salt, of freshly picked lemons, of the sweet breeze that accompanies those who want to take a dip in the golden sands and the waves crashing on the rocks. A simple fragrance? For us much more.

A sensory experience that involves everyone in all their fibers. Immerse yourself in our catalog and enjoy a drink overlooking the sea, simply by staying at home.

Our passion at your service

Ours is a small company with a great intent, that of giving moments of pleasure to wear, to live within the 4 walls of your home. A family-run business, like many in Italy, which try to give value to their territory.

We firmly believe that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, we defend it and give it sweet notes of love by creating our fragrances, which we insert in body perfumes, but also in candles and in every single product you will find in our catalog.

Our work is born and grows from our passion for beauty, for what the land of Amalfi can offer us. This is how we created the odes to the sea, to lemons.

We imagine you wearing our perfumes, intoxicating your home, it is letting your thoughts go to a hot day, a terrace in the sun and you who would like that moment to never end. Now it can finally be a reality.

Amalfi and its facets

Amalfi is not just a port, it is not just a city, but a true Italian icon, on the same wavelength as Sophia Loren and Alberto Sordi . A city rich in history that fascinates, that makes you dream that allows you to feel in a small earthly paradise.

Our products inspired by Amalfi have tried to grasp all its facets. We have set ourselves the goal of allowing the scents of this place to be touched by hand.

In short, ours wants to be a meticulous work that makes immortal a city that already seems to be eternal, imprinted in a unique setting of its kind.

Our products

You can choose from our catalog, among a series of products that will make you relive the magic of the Amalfi coast. Choose from: perfumes, candles and much more, which will finally fill your home, allowing you to wear a few drops of a rich and flourishing land.

You will always feel on vacation, right there, where time seems to stop for a few moments, where you would like to stay forever among the roar of the waves, elegant cafes where you can drink a refreshing drink during the long summer days.

There among the colors and scents of a land that never disappoints, which nourishes the imagination and soul. Exactly what we have tried to do with our fragrances. We have put at your service what is our deepest love, for Amalfi and its perfumes.

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